Saturday, 21 July 2012

Colin Simson all day Demo

Today Saturday 21st July we had an all day demo by Colin Simpson.This demo day with Colin was arranged many months ago and although I had seen Colin demo on quite a few occasions most of our members had not.We discussed with Colin the sort of demo he would do for us and I told him that most of our members were novice turners.Colin said he would do a demo that would cater for all tastes and all skill levels and that is exactly what he did.Throughout the day Colin's easy relaxed manor went down really well with the members and everything he did was explained in simple language so that everybody could learn form him.Colin worked throughout the day showing many techniques rather than wasting time producing finished pieces.This went down really well and everybody enjoyed it and got really involved by constantly asking questions Every question was answered and Colin is obviously very knowledgeable about his subject.We stopped for lunch and a couple of tea breaks throughout the day and it was a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.My wife Sue prepared all the food the day before and we had a wonderful spread of jacket potatoes chili, salad and much more.
This was our first ever all day demo but certainly not our last as it was a great success.
Below are some pics from the day.

Thank you Colin for a great demo.
Thank you Sue for your support and a wonderful spread of food.

George Foweraker, Chairman

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  1. Hi George and all

    Looks like you had a great day. Appologies I could not make it but it is now summer holidays with the schools being off.