Wednesday, 5 October 2011

September club meeting by Sue Meads.(club Secretary)

This month we were treated to a demo of bottle making by Mark Sanger.  The main form being cross grain sycamore with an insert that was then turned and inserted to the top of this form. Texturing was added by the inclusion of grooves using a point tool.
During the demo he spoke about the rule of thirds, the “Divine Proportion” and Fibonacci sequence in nature as a way to investigate proportion.  He also spoke about the difference between designing for a utility item or a purely aesthetic piece and the considerations of the size of foot respectively.
The form was turned using a 3/8th inch bowl gouge with a Celtic grind.
Both roughing and finishing cuts were shown using this tool.
He then discussed about using scrapers and how to achieve the best finish from the tool prior to finishing. No sanding was carried out as the finish from the tool was buffed using the chestnut buffing system after sealing the wood with liquid Cellulose sanding sealer.

Some pics of the evening.

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