Wednesday, 24 August 2011

August Committee meeting.

On Monday 22 Aug your committee met to discus how things are going and how we can improve our club for the future.
The first thing we had to deal with was a letter from John Brewer resigning from the committee.
To replace John we have co-opted our librarian Dereck Smith onto the committee.
Dereck as you all know has been a member from day one and has managed our collection of books and DVDs.
One of the items we discussed was the possibility of having two meetings a month instead of one as we have now.
Another thing we discussed is the possibility of having a camera and screen which would be a big asset when we are carrying out teaching demos.
These things will be discussed with our members at our next meeting.
Finally something we must not forget is that Christmas is rapidly approaching and we need to decide on a date and venue for our Christmas meal.

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