Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New Blog

George Foweraker.Chairman.
This Blog has been created to make it easy for me to keep you all up to date with info reports and whats happening in our club.
Our Website was kindly built for us at no cost by our Life member Mark Sanger who will still do any updates that are needed.
However I have felt on occasions that there are things I would like to report on but felt that I would be imposing on Marks kindness.Mark has always assured me that it is no trouble to him but this does give us the opportunity to make our site more lively and interesting.
If any member has something interesting to say or any pics to show here is the place we will be able to do it.


  1. Well done George this will be a great way to promote the Club. Will be putting on some of my work and we can put together a calendar of events - Great!

  2. Hi George

    looking good. especially the bloke standing at the back.

  3. Hi Sue.
    I will sort that.
    Hi Mark.
    I thought you were hiding.

  4. Hi George,
    Just spent an hour going into all the useful website addresses that you have linked - really good - well done

  5. Thank you Sue I hope our members find some of the information useful